If you haven't attended the Taste of El Paso, then you haven't lived.  Without question it is one of the most unique culinary experiences around.

The Taste of El Paso got underway last night at the El Paso Convention Center and will continue this evening for the second and final night of this lavish affair.  Doors open at 5pm where guests can enjoy cocktails and a social hour prior to 6pm when the official event gets underway.

Bruschetta with oven dried Roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, balsamic reduction, and Green Chile Risotto from Red Mountain Bistro. (photo by Brandon Cohn)

When guests enter the Convention Center they choose their tables, and begin their rounds to sample some of the best food that the Sun City has to offer.  Twelve different restaurants offer a generous portion of food from their fine establishments, and three  different places offer scrumptious desserts.  Everyone is treated to live music while they indulge.

The Taste of El Paso is an unforgettable experience that every food connoisseur must attend.  Some people complain that there is never anything to do in El Paso, I beg to differ.  This is truly a unique event that is a pure joy to attend.

Carne Asada taco from El Luchador. (photo by Brandon Cohn)

Last night I got so excited when they opened the doors at 6pm to begin sampling the food.  I am what you would call a rather large fella, who likes to butter his bacon, and I tend to move kind of slow.  However, once I made my way into the dining area and caught a scent of what was inside, my speed to get to the food increased as if I were a marathon runner.

Tonight is the final night of the Taste of El Paso, don't miss out!  Take the Iceman's word, you certainly won't regret the best dining experience of the year.