Is there anything hotter than a beautiful woman playing the guitar and singing her heart out? The answer is yes there is something hotter — TWO beautiful women singing and plaything the guitar. Introducing The Pierces, sultry singing sisters from Alabama that look just as good as they sound.

The Pierces, Allison Margaret and Catherine Eleanor Pierce, have had songs appear on hit TV shows like ‘Charmed,’ ‘Pretty Little Liars’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ (you know those shows as ‘the crap my girlfriend/wife forces you to watch’) and will be the opening act for Coldplay (you know that band as ‘the crap my girlfriend/wife forces you to listen to’) on their North American tour. Well, if you happen to get dragged to any of those shows, at least you’ve got a good opening act to look forward to, along with cups and cups of wonderful beer.

Mmmmm beer. Making the best of terrible live concerts since the 1800′s.