The truncated Major League Baseball season has had all kinds of quirks and uniqueness to playing a season during a pandemic.

That said, there are plenty of things that have been normal this Summer about the game of baseball and one of those things is the long ball.

Just so happens on Friday night that my favorite team had their best player knock in the longest home run of the season.

Acuna Jr. belted a 495 foot home run in an 8-7 loss in 11 innings against the Red Sox.

He blasted that home run off Chris Mazza and that marked Acuna Jr.'s 14th home run of the season.

That home run marks the fifth-longest home run since 2015 according to ESPN when Statcast was introduced to track such statistics.

Atlanta has wrapped up the NL as teams across Major League Baseball complete the final weekend of the regular season.

For more information on Major League Baseball, the standings, and the upcoming playoffs, you can visit their website. 


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