As last night's UTEP basketball game was coming to an end, the commentary on Twitter was just beginning. Fans were angry with the shorthanded Miners play against Northwestern State and their patience with head coach Tim Floyd is running out. As an added bonus, a bizarre incident involving former football head coach Mike Price angrily confronting fans holding up a "Fire Floyd" sign at the end of the game allowed the social media world to explode late into Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

I know that a lot of fans refuse to get on Twitter but I am not exactly sure why. Maybe some of them are afraid that it will be too complicated for them to figure it out. Others might be too busy and not have the time. The fact is, no form of social media offers better commentary and instant analysis in 140 characters or less than Twitter. That is a big reason why I am simplifying the process and giving you the best Twitter accounts to follow UTEP sports to stay up to date on everything relating to the Miners.

The Official UTEP Accounts

UTEPAthletics Twitter
UTEP FB Twitter
UTEP MBB Twitter

Every other UTEP sport has official accounts, and all are good to keep track of their respective teams. However, UTEP's Track and Field Twitter handle was hacked last Friday. Many UTEP players also have good Twitter accounts and are active in social media. Fans enjoy interacting with athletes. Some UTEP athletics staff members also have Twitter handles.

Here are the best commentaries for UTEP Sports.

MinerRush Twitter
Miner Illustrated Twitter
600 ESPN El Paso Twitter

You knew I had to mention 600 ESPN El Paso, but Miner Rush is the best follow on social media for up to date UTEP news and rumors with some occasional humor mixed in. Alex Nicolas and Anthony Salom have done a great job developing their SB Nation site. I did not list individual members of the sports radio, TV, or print media but many of them have accounts and are active. Getting opinionated UTEP takes from some of them on Twitter is another story.

Now, it's time for some of the best UTEP fans to follow on Twitter.

LouTEP Miner Twitter
Scumbag Paydirt Pete Twitter
SomeGuyChris Twitter
Joe Grisanti Twitter
Pat Flores Twitter
Chad Middleton Twitter
Jason Green Twitter
Jeremy Carranco Twitter
Davey Samaniego Twitter
Paydirt Steve Twitter
Joe John Sr. Twitter
Josh Puga Twitter
Steve on Resler Twitter
Ying Yang Samurai Twitter