There are so many things that come to mind that can upset or ruin an El Pasoans day. For example, when Covid-19 shut down businesses people were bummed about Chico's Tacos closing for a while.

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Chico's Tacos is closed was one of the many ways you could ruin an El Pasoans day in 5 words or less. The huge line outside Chico's Tacos after reopening once guidelines were set in explains a lot.

Oh, but that wasn't the only way to upset an El Pasoan in five words or less. In fact, a lot of you had quite a few responses on how to ruin an El Pasoans day.

A lot of your responses dealt with traffic, food chains, weather, politics, sports, and more. I must admit a lot of you had me agreeing with you and also laughing my tush off.

Others had me wondering why the hell they even follow the KLAQ Facebook page when they spend so much time hating. But the topics I shared above are a summary of the ways to ruin an El Pasoans day.

Surely one way to ruin my day in five words or less is to say KLAQ events are canceled. Now to me, that would be a real bummer because I have enjoyed every single one that I have worked at.

For example, it sure was nice to see how many people in El Paso also share the kind of love I have for pickles. You can check out what other El Pasoans had to say about ruining an El Pasoans day in five words or less.

Paula Martin
"Accident on I10 east/west"

Isaac M. Torres
"Tommy Gonzalez got another Raise"

Eric Quintana
"Whataburger ran out of burgers"

Brenda Rodriguez
"Chico’s tacos are disgusting"

Alex Lopez
"I’m stuck in Zaragoza traffic"

Baldo Bravo
"I-10 down to one lane"

Adbel Mendoza

"Chicos Tacos - "Out of business"

Douglas Jones
"In and Out is better"

Gabriel Azcarate
"You're not getting a HEB"

Eric Moreno
"It's snowing"

Mark Vasquez
"Northeast is a great neighborhood"

Erika Imhoff
"No cheesecake factory coming"

Diaz Jr Hector
"Bars are closed permanently"

Gerardo Heredia
"Property taxes are rising again"

David Jones
"Cowboys not in the Playoffs"

Marcuss Mendivil
"There will be road closures"

Rachel Lopez Pacheco
"No more star on mountain"

Albert Samaniego
"Bars will be closed today"

Michael Saucedo
"There’s no S in Airway"

Joe Ker
"It's starting to snow"

JJ Jayme
"Tommy Gonzalez"

Ray Moreno
"Cops raided Jaguars again"

Chris Chavez
"New Mexico drivers drive better"

Drez Varela
"Selena sucks"

Francisco Bruno-Franco
"Saul Kleinfeld has potholes again"

Mariaeva Jones
"Semi accident on I10"

Daniel Villasenor
"Gas jumps up to $6.66"

Matthew J. Chewning
"Another 100 degree day"

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