The college football landscape was shaken up last week when news broke that USC and UCLA were leaving the Pac 12 and joining the Big Ten by as early as 2024.

College football could continue its drastic change as the ACC and the Pac 12 discuss a potential "loose" partnership. So, what exactly does this partnership entail and mean for the two conferences?

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The conferences have discussed the concept of having high-profile cross over games during the regular season. The concept would also include a highly anticipated championship game in Las Vegas.

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The idea was first proposed by the ACC as a way for the two conferences to increase their current value of their media contracts. This would definitely benefit the Pac 12, which just saw it's estimated value drop from $42 million to $30 million due to USC's and UCLA's exit from the conference.

The move would also help decrease the media gap between the growing super conferences of the SEC and the Big Ten. With both conferences adding powerhouse names from the Big 12 and Pac 12, it certainly looks like the powers of college football are consolidating into two super conferences.

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While the Pac 12's deal with Fox Sports and ESPN ends in 2024, the ACC's deal with ESPN extends through 2036. This makes the terms and date of this possible partnership really hard to gage.

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The proposal is seen as a "strength in numbers" move. This would certainly benefit the Pac 12 as it is still rumored that Washington and Oregon could also make a push to join the Big Ten.

With strength of conference playing a heavy role in determining the final rankings the College Football Playoff, the Pac 12 and ACC look to keep up with the SEC and the Big Ten.

The college football landscape has drastically changed this off-season, but I have strong feeling that we will continue to see big changes to come in the near future.

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