10 ACC and Pac-12 Teams Still In Hyundai Sun Bowl Picture
With just two weeks left in the college football season, the Hyundai Sun Bowl is still trying to figure out which teams from the ACC and Pac-12 will be available to invite for their December 27th game. Bernie Olivas, executive director of the Sun Bowl association joined Sportstalk earlier today for …
Former NC State Legends Kicked out of a Game
In one of the more simultaneously funny and bizarre moments of the weekend, former NC State greats Tom Gugliotta and Chris Corchiani were both ejected from the Wolfpack's game against ACC rival Florida State.
Apparently 'Googs' and 'Corch' were on referee Karl Hess for some p…
The Latest Hyundai Sun Bowl Projections
On Tuesday, Sun Bowl Executive Director Bernie Olivas dropped by the 600 ESPN El Paso studios for his weekly Hyundai Sun Bowl Watch feature. After Bernie broke down the possible scenarios, here arethe teams from both the ACC and Pac-12 still in the picture to play in El Paso on December 31st.

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