(I am about to contradict myself. You’ve been warned.)

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers

First I’ll express my giddiness over the Dodgers 9-1 start. There are benchmarks along the season’s timeline which are considered key points where one can start to get an idea of the promise of the season, or force one to accept the inevitable. The 10 game mark is not one of those. There isn’t a lot you can tell only 10 games into a season, but the attitude of the fan base is considerable different at 9-1, than at 1-9. I am not so delusional that I think the Dodgers are going to continue to play .900 ball in 2012. I am so delusional to think Matt Kemp is going to continue to pile up the stats resulting in something of a historic season. Here are the facts. As of this morning’s leader boards, Kemp is leading the nation league in hits, homers, is tied with teammate Andre Ethier for the most RBIs, and is second behind David Wright in batting average…for now.

(We have now reached the point where I will contradict myself.)

Today, Major league Baseball begins the voting period for the 83rd annual mid-summer classic, the All Star Game. Today, not even a full month into the season. It is ironic that today just happens to be April 20th, a date which holds great cultural significance for a segment of the population with a recreational interest in an act which could get you in a lot of trouble should you first have pee in a little clear cup. Maybe the person who decided to start All Star balloting so early into the season should have to grab a cup and produce a sample.


The online ballot is up through June 28, allowing you to cast up to 25 votes per e-mail address. That means you have 25 opportunities to do like all other conscientious fans and use your multiple-vote privileges to properly reward the players performing at the highest level; the most deserving at their position <insert cynical snicker>.

This is the point where fans feverously debate the validity of the fan voting process. One popular opinion is that since it’s only an exhibition game for the fans, whatever the fans want is ok. Another stance involves being offended by the frequently embarrassing injustices that come from a popularity contest, putting blight on the history books. There is however, one more particular way to look at it. Sometimes we truly do bestow the honor of a starting All Star berth to a player who performs at such a high level they capture the imagination of the national populace who pay attention to the national pastime. It is in that spirit I am lobbying for each and every one of you to use the power of all 25 of your online votes (more depending on how many e-mail addresses you have), and utilize 100% of the power vested in you the fan, to click Matt Kemp each and every time you vote! So despite it only being April 20th, vote early and vote OFTEN.

(The link to the MLB voting will go up as soon as they get it working.)

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