Matt Kemp

Dodgers Trade Kemp
According to several reports, the Los Angeles Dodgers have agreed on a trade that will send Matt Kemp to the San Diego Padres.
Will the Dodgers’ Early Season Success Continue Until October?
Before the season started I noted the convergence of prophesies stating that the Dodgers were on their way to something less than the best record in baseball by Mid-May. A season is a marathon not a sprint, and there’s a long way to go until October. Even so, Dodger fans have got to be pretty thri…
The 83rd Annual All Star Game – The Irony, The Irony
(I am about to contradict myself. You’ve been warned.)
First I’ll express my giddiness over the Dodgers 9-1 start. There are benchmarks along the season’s timeline which are considered key points where one can start to get an idea of the promise of th…