Mexican soccer fans were elated when South Korea were able to pull off a shocking win over Germany this week in the World Cup. Here's how you can show your thanks. Mexico will now be playing against Brazil Monday morning in the World Cup, in part thanks to South Korea beating Germany this week. Many team Mexico soccer fans were elated with South Korea and showed their support by lifting fans on their shoulders, throwing impromptu parades, shaking their hands and even grabbing the South Korean ambassador in Mexico to take a shot of tequila with the crowd of fans in the street. Another way people are thanking South Koreans are patronizing their stores and restaurants in their cities. If you want to show your support, here are some local eateries you can dine at:

Korea House Restaurant (4601 Hondo Pass Suite B)

This restaurant comes highly recommended on multiple websites and the food looks delicious! Serving authentic Korean delicacies in the heart of El Paso.

Chun Ju  Restaurant (3901 Broaddus Ave)

This restaurant offers not only Korean fare but Chinese too! They offer you the traditional Korean dining experience and foods including Kimchi, Korean BBQ ribs and more.

Koreana Bullgalbee (1515 Lee Trevino, Suite A)

This restaurant on the east side of El Paso offers various Korean cuisine including Korean BBQ, sushi  and Hibachi.They also have unlimited Korean BBQ they offer!

Kalbi House (5718 Dyer St)

This restaurant has great reviews for their friendly and warm service and delicious food! People who have been there recommend trying the Kal Bi, Korean beef short ribs and the banchan.

Han II Gwan Restaurant (9477 Dyer St)

This place has tons of good reviews and recommendations from their menu. Plus plenty of great pictures to tantalize your tastebuds into making the trip to check this delicious spot out.

Seoul Restaurant (9549 Dyer St)

This review tells us to not judge a book by its cover. The food inside is delicious, authentic and they had a large variety to choose from. The service was also noted as being great with people being attentive and friendly.

Any other great locations come to mind? Show your support!

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