The Texas Tech Athletics Department has released a hype video for its 2015 football season, and in 48 hours it has amassed over 20,000 views on YouTube.

Entitled "Coming Soon: September 5, 2015," the hype video is full of highlights from the 2014 season and shots of players who hope to make prominent contributions to the 2015 season.

The video opens with the sound of a ball-dropping countdown to a "Happy New Year!" exclamation. While I definitely want 2015 to be a brand new year on the playing field, I could do without the ball-dropping (literally) from the past.

The music choice is...interesting. Many have been critical, and while I see their point, this music is a microcosm of this team's off-season philosophy: talk is cheap.

The music itself is a forgettable song that probably won't even get stuck in your head. But for Kliff and company, it's finally not about what you hear; it's all about what you see.

The 2015 off-season has been reserved and calm -- like a lion getting ready to pounce.

But if I had my way, the background track would have been Marshawn Lynch repeating, "I'm all about that action, boss."

As it stands, the music is only there to let you focus on how many playmakers the Red Raiders have coming back on the offense. Washington and Stockton break off huge runs. Grant catches what seems like 20 passes during the short video. Lauderdale, Sadler and Davis all show up big.

But there was one glaring omission.

John Weast / Getty Images

If you are going to have a collection of plays that makes fans remember that there were great moments even when your team goes 4-8 and simultaneously gets them excited for all the returning players who will make major contributions in 2015, how do you not add Dylan Cantrell's incredible catch against WVU?

It fits all the criteria and it was arguably the best catch of the year that was not a touchdown.

If you're looking for the solution to the "Who will be the 2015 QB?!?" riddle in this video, keep on looking. Mahomes and Webb get equal play time. The only difference is that Mahomes looks way cooler celebrating. Maybe if that is in Kliff's list of what makes a great QB, Pat will be the starter.

Webb's worst move comes at the 3:38 mark, where he is either sawing his hand off or playing the violin. Not sure which.

The defense is well represented in the video, accounting for nearly half of the highlights. But you can tell the video is definitely skewed toward the offense. Maybe the video crew will have many more highlights in 2015 to choose from besides Pete Robertson' sacks. (Hopefully there are plenty of those, too.)

Not only were the players highlighted in the video, so were the many uniform combos from 2014. Most notably the Red Hombre and the awesome Masked Rider Whites. I am new around here, so I might as well confess something before football season official gets underway: I love the crazy uniforms. Red. White. Grey. Black. The Texas Flag. You name it; I love it.

All that being said, I like the video. This video could have Tiny Tim playing in the background and it would get me pumped for this season. Whoever is playing QB, whatever the defense is doing, no matter what jerseys they wear, I'll be there.

Coming Soon: 09.05.15.