Never let it be said that Texas Tech is slouching when it comes to its football program.

Texas Tech is making serious investments in Jones AT&T Stadium that should boost both the fan and player-level experiences.

First off for the players (mostly), there will be new turf installed. Believe it or not, it's been five years since the Red Raiders put in new turf, so one would think that it's just about time. The surface and the company that produces it are also responsible for the playing fields for the Dallas Cowboys, the Las Vegas Raiders, and the Los Angeles Rams, as well as the training complex for a team you may have heard of called the Kansas City Chiefs. I'd have to say we're in pretty darn good company here.

Let's talk about those lights though. We're going l.e.d. baby! I guess I don't have to tell you that this is an upgrade from the existing lights, and means savings on those power bills, but this gets so, so, so much better!

These are new "smart" l.e.d lights that can be programmed just like the lights in a club. That's right, most of the time we'll just have awesome lights so you can see all the action, but the stadium will have the ability to control the lights to do things like play on the beats of the in-house or band music. Yes, we're doin' a rave at Jones AT&T Stadium.

If everything goes as planned, and I'd hate to tell Texas Tech it's not, you will be able to experience all of the new stuff at the start of the 2023 season.

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