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One of the best stories you will hear this year starts with a young Texas student who becomes a hero for one lonely, lost little boy.

It's one of the most heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of the year.

A young Texas State student, 27-year-old Jimmy Amisial, was visiting family in Haiti when he found a four-month-old baby boy in a trash pile, covered in ants, starving, and crying for help.

It was the new year and Amisial had just returned to Haiti to celebrate the holiday with family. As a young communications major, Amisal likely didn't have becoming a father on his mind when he boarded the plane home. In fact, that was likely the last thing on his mind. But for the last four years of Amisal's life, he has thought of nothing else.

Haitians are superstitious and as Amisial watched in horror at the crowd around the baby in the trash, he knew he had to take action, against all credulities.

Fox 29 offered in their interview with Amisail "No one wanted to touch the baby because they thought the baby was cursed, they were like it's New Year's Eve, the devil is trying to get us," said Amisial.

Thankfully Amisial rushed in and cleaned the ants off of the infant picking the infant up and immediately taking the little baby to his family home. Can you imagine how fast his mind must have been racing? Trying to process what he had just done, what his responsibilities to the baby would be and what he needed to do next.

Amisial started a fundraiser which has now raised more than $60,000, which now affords him the opportunity to officially adopt his now happy and healthy 4-year-old son, Emilio. Amisail's goal is to bring him to the United States as soon as he can. Courtesy of Fox 26

Courtesy of Fox 26/Youtube
Courtesy of Fox 26/Youtube

We wish Amisail and Emilio all of the happiness in the world. We can all make a difference, even as students at Texas State University.

Here is the story on YouTube compliments of Fox26.

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