The first thing I thought when I saw pictures of this small Airbnb in Baird, Texas is that it looked very relaxing. In the busy world we live in it’s nice to slow down. This train car Airbnb looks like a lot of fun and the perfect place to de-stress from the craziness of work and home. This could also be the perfect setting to reconnect with your spouse and spend quality time together. While the train car Airbnb isn’t gigantic it has everything you need with almost a perfect rating from visitors, plus it offers a one-of-a-kind romantic retreat. 

While you enjoy how cute the train car is, you will also notice there aren’t a lot of people around, as this rental is located in the middle of an 800-acre working ranch. If you and your spouse like to go fishing, you can throw a line in the water from the back dock. Later at night you can get cozy in a chair by the fire and just enjoy time together.

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Extras With the Train Car Airbnb in Baird, Texas 

Beyond staying in a really cool Airbnb you with your rental you’re also supplied with breakfast supplies including champagne and juices. The kitchen comes fully stocked with a bottle of chilled wine. The caboose is fully heated and air conditioned so you will always be comfortable. 

How Much to Stay at the Caboose in Baird, Texas? 

The rental costs $295 per night, and while it might be a bit more than a regular hotel, it offers more than your regular hotel. Just check out these gorgeous photos of this very relaxing property. 


Train Caboose Airbnb in Baird, Texas

His is a perfect romantic retreat for you and your spouse in Baird, Texas

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