Texas is loaded with natural resources but diamonds are not one of them.

The state of Texas has got some tremendous amounts of valuable, natural resources. Everyone knows very well the amounts of oil and the economic impact of the oil industry in Texas.

Our oil reserves are huge and the industry has even affected us culturally, marching into our living rooms via movies and tv shows like Dallas.

The same goes for natural gas. Texas leads the nation in natural gas production and we have about 23% of the natural gas reserves for the United States.

No tv shows about natural gas though. Not sexy enough, I guess.

Although, I did find a cool video of a natural; gas powered, Sun Metro city bus on fire.

You can even find gold around the lone star state but it takes some effort and you probably won't find much at a time.

If you want to try your luck though, click this link to see where some of the best gold digging areas are around the state. (Not counting places where the rich and famous hang out.)

We have lots of everything really but, when it comes to diamonds, we're a little light. That's more of an Arkansas thing ...

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There are not a lot of diamond mines in Texas. In fact, I don't think there are any at all. The Black Diamond Mine in Lobo, Texas doesn't count ... it's actually a quarry.

Believe I or not, historically, only ONE diamond find has ever been documented in the entire state of Texas.

A small brownish diamond was found in1911on section 64, block 44, Foard County. The exact weight of the stone has not been recorded, but one authority estimated that it was of sufficient size and clarity to yield a cut stone of about one-quarter carat. - geologypage.com

Good thing Easter is almost here. The odds of finding an egg are way better than any of those other things.

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