El Paso is located on the western edge of Texas. pretty far away from the rest of Texas.

El Paso is the 6th largest city in Texas, the only major city in Texas in the mountain time zone and is nowhere near the rest of Texas.

If you head east of El Paso county, you'll travel about 2 hours before you hit the next Texas city. From there, it's another couple of hours before the next.

On and on it goes ... literally.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Texas is pretty freakin' big and El Paso, being on the far western edge of Texas, is kinda far from it. I mean, even though we are IN Texas, everything else in Texas is waaayyyy over yonder.

For example, El Paso is 637 miles from Denver. Meanwhile, it's 635 to Dallas, we're 747 miles from Houston and it's 836 to Port Arthur.

That Denver trip calls for you to enter the state of New Mexico, travel the entire north-south distance of it, then get into Colorado and still keep driving farther.

Technically traveling through 3 states while going to Los Angeles, which covers a distance of 802 miles, takes you through 5 states ... and even LA is still closer than Port Arthur, Texas which is 836 miles from here.

Photo, Amazon
Photo, Amazon

Straight across Texas, from city to city, it's:552 to San Antonio, 579 to Austin and almost 300 to Odessa.

El Pasoans are closer to Phoenix, (430 miles), Las Vegas, (726 miles) and San Diego (631 miles) than we are to the opposite side of Texas.

If you don't like long drives, we're only about 30 miles from Las Cruces. Just sayin'...


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