With all the chatter the past few days about every possibility around Texas and Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 you would think that there would be a lot of buzz around the vote by the South East Conference to allow both now former Big 12 teams to make the move to the SEC.

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Indeed there was plenty of chatter on both sides of the Red River in Oklahoma City and in Austin about legislation to stop the move and how moves like this should require some form of formal review process because of state funding that powers both of these very high profile state schools... but alas none of that happened.

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Even among the members of the SEC who threw some initial shade on the deal, Yeah... I'm looking at you Aggie... all that talk quietly went away with a very anti-climatic 14-0 vote. There's no need for a unanimous vote in the conference for new members to join but traditionally you tow the line in the SEC. What's good for the one is good for all.

Next Steps

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Before we start hearing the infamous "SEC" Chant in both Norman and Austin both schools must formally accept the offer and again there could be some chatter here from local interests and legislators in both states about the move. Honestly I wouldn't expect much because with the SEC comes dollars... lots of them and the prestige of the brand. Both schools have moved up. It's like getting a Cadillac after owning a Geo Metro for so long. No, That's not a dish at the Big 12.. which by the way finds itself in a very awkward position after Commissioner Bob Bowlsby basically put out there ESPN was trying to destabilize the league like a guy who's been wearing tin foil too long...

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Yes, Texas and OU are still there a few years... but they're checked out. at this point the Big 12 needs to figure out what's next. You can only stay on life support so long before you call it a day. Adapt or die. As for the Longhorns and Sooners, the new reality for them is they are no longer the big dogs in the room. Like the Aggies they will soon find out what they're really made of and competition for not only recruits but staffing is about to get far more intense.

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