Terrell Owens is making his own playoff run.

Never mind that the wide receiver/former reality show star doesn’t play in the NFL anymore. He’s thisclose to going door-to-door to get America to pay attention to him.

The locker room tumor that everyone loves to hate gave an exclusive interview to GQ for its February issue. In the magazine, Owens talks about his chances of playing again, the fact that he’s almost broke and bad things that happened in Philadelphia more than five years ago (which no one cares about anymore because he’s repeated them in Dallas, Buffalo, Cincinnati).

“Are there some things I might do differently now? Sure. Some of the things in Philadelphia. …I might not have said or done things at exactly the right moment. …I am not a tactful person.”

That’s like saying Francesco Schettino, the sunken Italian cruise ship captain, lacks crisis-management skills.

Anyway, once the edition hit newsstands this week, the portrait of T.O. as a sad-sack, friendless loner in need of a second chance prompted the Allen (Texas) Wranglers (think rattlesnakes, not blue jeans) of the Indoor Football League to offer Owens the opportunity to be a co-owner and player. He accepted.

So, instead of dating a Kardashian or a “Real Housewife,” Owens opted to humiliate beer league bros on football fields the size of your living room.

We’re sure this will all end well. Get your popcorn ready.

[Via GQ]

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