Terrell Owens, 38, has been cut by the Seattle Seahawks. Let’s all take a minute to act surprised. And.... done. Now let’s talk about why.

The man is athletic. Just a few days ago he ran a 40-yard dash in just under 4.5 second. We all know he’s fast and athletic. Check out this video of him flat-foot jumping on top of a newspaper stand in 2010. So why was he cut?


First, you can run like Usain Bolt, but when you’re a wide receiver you better be able to catch the ball. When you’re dropping easy passes and running nonchalantly on a deep route, you’re no longer an asset to the team.

Second, once you go into the AFL, you’re damaged goods. Let me be clear, there are great athletes who came from the AFL, Matt Bryant, Jay Feely, Rashied Davis. Ok, so there are good athletes who came from the AFL. Regardless, once you’re in the NFL and you take a step back, it’s pretty much like being the last kid picked in dodgeball. Eventually, someone will pick you, but only because the coach is secretly hoping you’ve got hidden talents somewhere that come out when you’re angry. But, Terrell Owens isn’t the Hulk, he isn’t Superman, hell, he isn’t even the 2003 Terrell Owens. He’s washed up. Maybe if he spend half as much time training as he did tweeting, he would be more tolerable.


I’m not going to pretend like I’m disappointed in the cut. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this moment since he pulled that Sharpie marker out of his sock after a touchdown in 2002. I don’t like cocky players. For the same reason I was glad to see JaMarcus Russell and Chad Johnson were cut, I’m glad to see T.O. go. The best NFL players win and lose with grace. Which is why it’s not shocking that several reports cite Owen’s attitude as a main problem with the Seahawks. But, what do you expect from a man who spit in the face of fellow  player DeAngelo Hall?

I’m sure T.O.’s agent still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Let’s not forget that time he got his own dating show on VH1, which was perhaps another sign that the end was near for the 6-time Pro-Bowl wide receiver. As I see it, another season without Terrell Owens is a win for the NFL.


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