Pre-gaming isn't going to be the same since tailgating has been banned from UTEP football home games. Nothing says football season like walking towards the Sun Bowl entrance, smelling the food on the grills.

Plus, another perk about tailgates was watching quite a few people acting silly due to being under the influence. You definitely know there were some altercations at the UTEP tailgates. For example, the elderly man putting up his fists that became every El Pasoan's favorite.

Hell, there was even a meme made out of that elderly man from that day, but the pre-gaming and fights had nothing to do with the recent ban on tailgates.

You should know the ban is due to Covid-19 still not being under control, just yet.

According to CBS 4 News, the announcement about this recent ban was made by the University of Texas at El Paso's school President Dr. Heather Wilson. She wants to help keep the students and fans safe by banning tailgates.

That is just one of the seven guidelines she expects the fans to abide by this season.

This kind of news is definitely a buzzkill for those that like to party it up right before the game starts. Another con is after the game wraps up you won't be able to head back and have a late-night snack like before.

You can see the other guidelines if you plan on attending the home games at the Sun Bowl. Be sure to leave your two cents in the poll if this ban affects you going to the home games below.

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