Houston Astros Fire Manager
HOUSTON (AP) — The Houston Astros are looking toward the future, and they decided there is no time like the present to get going on that.
Entering the final month of a dismal season, the Astros fired manager Bo Porter on Monday, saying the dismissal had less to do with the team's 59-79 record than th…
Find Cal’s Mom
BALTIMORE (AP) — The family of Cal Ripken Jr. is offering a $100,000 reward to help find the person who kidnapped the former Orioles star's mother last year.
Violent NHL Playoffs Get Taiwanese News Animation [VIDEO]
You'd think with it's biggest star out most of the season with concussion problems that hockey would be a little more careful. Nope. This year's Stanley Cup Playoffs have been so physical and full of cheap shots, it got the attention of those Taiwanese news animation people who made a…
Two Hot News Anchors Talk About Sausage [VIDEO]
In this particular news segment these ladies are focused on sausage, a sausage fest if you will, and you can tell it has a bit of an effect on them.
Call it a real life ‘Schweddy Balls’ moment if you want, but not only are these ladies discussing how much they love sausage, the one anchor also happ…

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