Galveston, Texas has plenty of old world charm, and a whole lot of mom and pop establishments that have been in business for 50 plus years, and in some cases well over a century serving classic foods at impossible prices. (Pro diner's tip - when in times of high inflation like we are currently experiencing, finding a long established eatery where the business owns their own building can often keep price increases a little bit more modest because someone is not increasing their rent).

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The reason I bring up finding a more established mom and pop is because the high price point for seafood is already challenging for many to enjoy, especially if you are wanting to feed a large family. Mine is only 5, but by today's standards that is on the larger side, and seafood portions even for kids can run close to $20.

Another pro tip when it comes to making your restaurant choices is go where the locals love to go. Off the beaten path from the touring diner is way easier on the lines and the wallet.

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