Is there anything more satisfying after a long hot Texas day than sitting down and enjoying a filling meal you can eat with your hands? After putting in a full day, or even while in the middle of a long one, you just can't do better than a sandwich made to order, and barreling down your esophagus towards that void full of bubbling stomach acid just waiting for something to pacify your perpetual need to belch.

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Sure, Texas is known as the beef state, and yet we manage to dominate in so many other choices of cuisine that there really needs to be a Lone Star State heading added to menus across the planet. Imagine going into an Italian restaurant and they offer lasagna, but also Texas lasagna?

Texas really does have the best version of everything, and our style of hot dog even reinvigorates the discussion of whether a hot dog is actually a sandwich. No matter what your affinity for Texas food, it is definitely easy to discover that within the beef state, it is a cheesesteak that is the best sandwich to be found.

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Best Texas Sandwich Can Now Be Found At This Restaurant

My mother's side of the family comes from Philadelphia, PA, and Gino's specializes in cheesesteaks, so you best believe the next time we're visiting the other side of my family in San Antonia, that one of the first stops will be Gino's Stop N Buy.

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Gino's is actually considered one of the top restaurants in America, not just in the sandwich category. Like always, don't just take my word for it, find out why Gino's has the best sammie in Texas in this Love Food article.

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