After 20 years in business, the Southern Maid Donuts location in El Paso is closing its doors at the end of the week. Whenever you were on the eastside of El Paso, there was a little spot known for their deliciously sweet donuts and savory kolaches- Southern Maid Donuts. For over twenty years, Southern Maid Donuts on Vista Del Sol was the place to go for not only donuts- they were known for their huge croissant breakfast sandwiches, biscuit sandwiches, and don't forget the coffee.

Customers of Southern Maid Donuts would always rave about how you went to Southern Maid for the food but kept coming back because of the staff. Owner Rick Smith was raised in El Paso and was known for his warm and friendly personality which turned his customers into his friends. Now, it looks like Rick has decided to close up shop and start his well-deserved retirement.

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According to the Southern Maid Facebook page, Southern Maid Donuts on Vista Del Sol will close on October 30th:

Rick's daughter Amy also posted to her personal Facebook page about her dad retiring after all these years:

"Feeling a lot of mixed emotions with my Dad's decision to retire. He has been a staple in El Paso’s food/service industry for 40+ years. From managing iconic bars like Phoenix and Dallas in the 80s, Bobby Qs, the immensely missed Putneys in Cielo Vista, Baskin Robbins, and then the donuts. So proud of how hard he has worked. I am sad but also excited to sleep again."

We want to congratulate Rick on his retirement and hope he enjoys his time relaxing and finally getting to sleep in.


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