When the voters passed the 5% car rental tax in 1997, it saved the Sun Bowl.  The revenue generated allowed the game to pay fairly competitive rates.  Last season, the Sun Bowl ranked 15th out of 35 bowl games with a payout of two million dollars per team.

However, Sun Bowl officials want to make sure the nation's second oldest bowl game remains competitive and relevant in a post BCS world.  The game's current contract with the ACC and Pac-12 expires after 2013, so officials want the game to remain a viable option for the major conferences.

The Sun Bowl is working with state lawmakers to draft a proposal that would increase the car rental tax from 5% to 9%.  The Sun Bowl association maintains this move would generate millions of dollars.

Naturally, there is some local opposition.  The El Paso Hotel and Motel association does not favor the bill and there is concern among local rental car locations that such a hike would discourage travelers and conventions from coming to the sun city.

Evan Mohl from the "El Paso Times" wrote the story this morning, and he joined me on the "Sports Spin" to discuss his findings.

I personally don't feel a nominal increase of 2-5 dollars will discourage anyone from renting a car in El Paso, and it will definitely help the Sun Bowl remain relevant for years to come.