Texas is truly unique; where else can you live in an area that has forests, deserts, beaches & plains in the same state? Because of its unique geography, Texas has experienced some unique weather phenomena, including some intense rain storms. You wouldn't think but Texas ranks in the states most likely to not only see many thunderstorms but if you're not careful, you CAN get stuck if you're not careful.

How likely are you to get struck by lightning?

According to the weather experts, your chances of getting struck by lightning are about 1 in 1.5 million...in a year. However, if your LIFETIME, the numbers are different: 1 in 15,300. To give some more context, you have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than by winning the lottery, being eaten by a shark, or being crushed to death by a vending machine.


Some SHOCKING lightning facts in Texas

Even though Florida is considered to be the "Lighting Capital" of the world, Texas still ranks extremely high on the "most likely to get struck by lightning" scale. Because of its huge size, Texas scored the highest number of lightning strikes in 2021, with nearly 42 thousand strikes across the state. Between 1995-2004, at least 34 people were killed by lightning (according to the National Weather Service). If you're wondering on which city gets the most lightning strikes...Flatonia in Central Texas received the most than any other Texas city with over 1,000 lightning strikes (even more than Florida).

And let's not forget the intense storms caught on tape

There's no shortage of intense lightning strikes across the state;

It's not always the lightning that's the danger; sometimes they can cause a fire too. Like this house in Katy, Texas

Remember these tips on how to protect yourself from lightning strikes:

The Texas Department Of Insurance listed these steps on what to do to protect yourself from being struck by lightning:

  • Take cover; stay indoors if possible
  • Don't shower
  • Avoid using any electrical appliances

And of course, if you or someone DOES get struck by lightning, call 911 & give first aid when possible.

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