No human being enjoys captivity. Around El Paso, the animals don't care much for it either.

El Paso has seen some jailbreaks throughout its history. Going back as far as Billy The Kid breaking a friend out of the San Elizario jail in 1876 to a deadly massive escape near El Paso last January, no one wants to be locked up.

It seems the animals around here feel the same way and can be just as crafty with their escape plans.

Remember the hairless, tattooed prison cat that got paroled to a home in Texas?

Or Ezekial? He was the pig that escaped before they could arrange his parole hearing and tried to skip town with a kilo of stolen tortillas.

Escaping seems to be a thing with El Chuco's animals and, who could blame them? I wouldn't want to spend my life in a jail cell, a zoo cage or any other type of confinement.

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El Paso Zoo Escapes:

In the 50's a chimp named Oswald managed to open the lock on his cage and then proceeded to release a bunch of his fellow inmates.

Officials suspected that all he really wanted to do was visit his girlfriend, Amy, a couple of cages over.

In the 60's, the escape was by sea when a Sea Lion got loose and followed a canal to a nearby restaurant.

Bay Area Marine Mammal Center Flooded With Sick Sea Lions
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Once back in the canal, hours went by and attempts to catch her by cops, zoo staff and a diver failed. A lady passing by managed to lure the animal out.

Most recently, a group of prairie dogs managed to somehow escape from the El Paso Zoo.

Zoo officials still can't figure out how, or even exactly when, it happened.

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