Earlier today, I wrote about a new charity campaign that involves college basketball coaches getting an ice bath. The concept was created by Arizona women's basketball head coach Niya Butts to benefit the Kay Yow Cancer Fund. Here are the rules for "Chillin For Charity."

University of Arizona Women's Basketball.

Earlier this week, UTEP women's basketball head coach Keitha Adams received the ice bath from her players and challenged four coaches and one member of the sports media. My choice was simple: either accept the challenge or pay $250 to the Kay Yow Fund. This afternoon, three loyal Sportstalk listeners filled up a trash can of ice water and had the opportunity to pour it on me. Team 600 was on the scene to capture the event on video.

I had a couple of observations following the ice bath. First, I was shocked that listeners Agustine and Raul did not pour the ice water on top of my head. Instead, they aimed most of it on my neck and back. Also, they used too much ice and not enough water. Since it was Twitter Tuesday, our listeners were quick to pile onto them for the missed opportunity.

As for my two challenges, both KLAQ Morning Show host Buzz Adams and KVIA's Asher Wildman can either get the ice bath or pay $250 to the Kay Yow Fund. If they both decide to take part in #Chillin4Charity, then I will pay $50 to the Kay Yow Fund. Either way, it's a great idea for college basketball coaches, players, and members of the media to help fight cancer.