What do Buzz Adams, Steve Kaplowitz and the solar eclipse have in common? Timing. Weird, freakish, spooky timing. With both the lead voices of sister stations KLAQ and 600 ESPN El Paso out in consecutive accidents, we've noticed.

So, you're telling us Buzz just HAPPENS to crash his bike into a wall and lead with his face, THEN Steve busts his wrist and bangs his shnozz in an ATV accident over the weekend?!

Sorry, it's too big a leap for us to say it was mere coincidence. So, much as our ancient ancestors probably would, we choose to blame the eclipse.

Why not? Worked in "Apocalypto".

Although we're probably not going to be invaded by Spain any day soon (El Paso's been there, done that and bought the statue with the conquistador's horse nads out front o' the airport), we say better safe than sorry. So we'll do our version of whistling as we walk by the graveyard and have a little fun at Buzz's and Kappy's expense.

Again, at least for Buzz.

One more thing. In the words of Master Yoda, "There is another..."

Another sister station, that is. Our friends at 93.1 KISS-FM.

Mike Martinez? Be careful out there, man.

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