Just a week after Conference USA announced their men's and women's basketball tournament would be moving to Frisco, the league is about to embark on another major change. STADIUM, a new joint network consisting of the American Sports Network, Campus Insiders, and 120 Sports announced that they will air C-USA games on Twitter.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that at least 15 football games will be broadcast by STADIUM on Twitter, although the network will probably release their schedule next month. According to UTEP Athletics officials, one conference football road game will be broadcast on Twitter, although the date and opponent will not be released until later this summer.

When I think about this experiment, I am actually excited about the new venture. Part of this is because I am active on Twitter and watching college games will be easy on the social media platform, like Thursday Night Football. The big reason I like STADIUM is because watching televised C-USA sporting events in years past has been a real pain in the ass. Their TV contracts have been getting worse over the years and unlike other conferences, ESPN has little interest in C-USA. Streaming games on social media could be the next breakthrough in sports broadcasting, and this conference could be ahead of everyone else in college sports if it is successful. C-USA has nothing to lose, since their league has a terrible TV contract and national exposure has been a weakness.

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