Well, let’s see, it took George Clooney all of a couple weeks to get hooked up with another amazing specimen of a woman. Honestly we thought it would take less time. His newest fling is former wrestling superstar and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant Stacy Keibler. George usually goes for the lesser known beauties and…you know what…we will now stop discussing George Clooney in a Crush of the Day post.

The moment belongs to Stacy! Let’s take a second to bask in her greatest. Let’s take a moment to imagine her dancing in those incredibly revealing ballroom gowns or wrestling us into submission on a bed surrounded by a steel cage. Think it’s possible to request wrestling moves from the former WWE Diva? “Can we do that thing again where you put us in a headlock using your legs? This time don’t let go until you see actual tears. Let’s have a safe word just in case. How about ‘more’?”

Speaking of more, the world will be just that in regard to Stacy now that her and George have officially appeared together in public. Not that we are complaining about seeing more of her. Hmm. Maybe we are complaining. What is she going to do about it?!? Please say leg headlock.