Normally this time of year my good friends at Special Olympics New Jersey are counting the proceeds from the tremendously successful Polar Bear Plunge that takes place each year in Seaside Heights. The Polar Bear Plunge attracts over 8,000 brave souls who take a plunge into the 30 something degree water of the ocean to raise big money for the Special Olympics.

In 2020 the Polar Bear Plunge in Seaside Heights raised $2.5 million! An amazing feat of unified support and participation. The New Jersey law enforcement community steps up big time in their unwavering support of this event, some forming groups and raising significant sponsor dollars for Special Olympics New Jersey. The event is run by retired New Jersey State Police Captain Kevin Burke who works tirelessly in making this event so very successful. I’ve had the pleasure of doing my show from there and being the “voice” of the Plunge for over 23 years.

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Obviously this year the Polar Bear Plunge was cancelled due to the pandemic. Last year Seaside Heights Police Chief Tommy Boyd estimated the crowd at over 50,000 people. It’s a big event and although the event is outside there is no way to regulate social distancing and the event would lack the ability to take other precautions. So with that said my good friends at Special Olympics New Jersey came up with a virtual alternative to taking the plunge. It could mean participants do anything involved with water while keeping the theme of the plunge. People have been creative. It reminds me of the ice bucket challenge that we all did for ALS.

Special Olympics New Jersey needs your support to continue to provide programs for over 25,000 athletes who participate here in New Jersey. What I love about Special Olympics New Jersey is their commitment to the athletes and the allocation of over 87 cents of every dollar going directly to the programs for the athletes. That 87 cents is impressive and it’s why I’ll always be a fan of this wonderful charity. Special Olympics New Jersey, as did every charity, took a hit because of the pandemic. I’m asking you to reach inside and please do the virtual plunge or just make a donation, so that they can continue with providing so many athletes the opportunity to participate.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you at The Polar Bear Plunge in February 2022 in Seaside Heights. Now take the plunge!

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