You don't have to drive for very long in El Paso these days before you encounter an ugly sight. And no -- I'm not talking about construction.

The weeds! Texas weeds!

Ever since the monsoon rains started falling, the weeds started growing...and they haven't stopped. That's generally where the El Paso Streets & Maintenance Department comes to the rescue. Or so we thought.

The team of city employees that is tasked with cleaning up the medians is doing the best it can, but the problem is it is severely understaffed as ABC-7 reported.

The weeds are taller than some people now and it seems there is no end in sight. So the City of El Paso started calling on the people of the city to VOLUNTEER!

Let's get this straight -- El Pasoans pay really high property taxes ... taxes that are supposed to be used to pay for jobs like ... wait for it ... cleaning up the weeds!

Now don't get me wrong, this does provide an opportunity for groups and students to earn volunteer hours. In fact, $1,000.00 will be awarded to the school or nonprofit that brings along the largest group of volunteers. But a lot of El Pasoans aren't thrilled with the city's inability to get the job we taxpayers are paying for done.

Just take a look at some of these comments from the ABC-7 Facebook post on the story -- nearly 700 comments and hundreds of reactions within the first 24 hours.

"If they will waive some of our ridiculous property taxes for participation maybe they'll get a better response."

-Veronica Valles


"It starts with the City Manager and his salary. Lead by example to volunteer."

-Mark Velaszquez

"Maybe if they paid their staff a lot more his wouldn't be an issue."

-Mike Vega

"When they stop charging me for my weeds they can get volunteers."

-Heather Harmston

Ah, yes.  Heather brings up the other big frustration for a lot of El Pasoans. The City of El Paso's Code Enforcement team will warn and/or fine property owners if weeds in their yard are over 12 inches! 

"They are eager to write you up but can't keep their own house clean. Now they want people and NOT pay them. Isn't this why we pay the highest taxes in Texas? How about getting the council and city manager to volunteer their time."

-Mike Fernandez


According to the City of El Paso, the first "Weed Cleanup" event on Saturday, October 1st was a success. Keep an eye out on their twitter account for some additional future dates if you want to get involved. Or if you REALLY want to help the city out, maybe apply for a job there!


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