If you aren't sure what relegation is, it's quite simple. If you're team sucks, you get bumped down a league. We currently have the NFL, with two other professional football leagues in the works. For this case, we'll just call them NFL-2 and NFL-3.

Imagine the bottom two teams in the NFL (the Cleveland Browns and New York Giants) automatically getting bumped down to the NFL-2, with the third worst team (the Indianapolis Colts) having a playoff game against the third best team from the NFL-2, to stay in the top league.

Well, this happens all the time in soccer. It's a pretty brilliant method of keeping the competition going. Wanna give the teams at the bottom something to play for? Threaten them with getting the boot from the top league. There is one problem though with this. Riots.

Hamburger SV or Hamburg, has been relegated for the first time in the clubs 55 years in the Bundesliga. This isn't the first time they've been close to relegation. Just a few years ago, they had back to back seasons where they were in the playoff. But it finally happened this year, so of course the fans had to riot.

But if you want to hear something really funny, the team's manager's name is Christian Titz.

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