A website has just listed the best summer activities to do in every state. Great news! You don't need to travel far for the New Mexico activity. There are lots of parents out there looking for new and fun ways to entertain their kids this summer vacation. Let's face it if your kids have five minutes with nothing to do you hear about how "bored" they are. Instead of forcing them to go and do yard work there is a quick day trip you can take so they can appreciate the beautiful outdoors!

The news and lifestyle website INSIDER made a list of the best summer activity to do in every state. Unfortunately for us Texans, the choice was eating barbeque at Franklin's in Austin which is a little too far away. Lucky for us, there are plenty of delicious and closer options like Desert Oak Barbeque and Stateline for you to get your barbeque fix. Other states have lots of cool activities listed like checking out the tree carvings in Alabama's Orr Park, listening to the Wave Organ in beachside California, checking out a concert at Red Rocks in Colorado, seeing the Grotto of Redemption in Iowa, and more. But the best summer activity in New Mexico is luckily a quick day trip away.

Nestled in the Land of Enchantment is 275 square miles of shimmering white waves of sand dunes that have been attracting travel enthusiasts and celebrities alike. Ozzy Osbourne visited with his kids Jack and Kelly while filming their tv show "Ozzy and Jack's World Detour." Ozzy also took the time to join the Alamogordo Chamber of Commerce while visiting! White Sands is a fun place to take your family and spend the day. Make sure you bring a sled too! The sand is like snow and is lots of fun to sled down.

White Sands National Monument has varying hours depending on the season, but for the summer they're open every day at 7 a.m. and close at 9 p.m. Visitors must enter by 8 p.m. Those closing hours are valid until September 14th. Find out more details on the hours for White Sands National Monument at their website.

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