I have spent nearly 40 years of my life rooting for the New York Jets. From the days of the New York Sack Exchange, I have always been fascinated by Gang Green. However, every season they seem to let me down, but that does not stop me from cheering them on.

2020 is different and although the NFL season is entering its fourth week, I have run out of patience. Things came to a boiling point last night when the Jets lost to a bad Denver Broncos team by the score of 37-28.

I was never happy with the hire of Adam Gase as head coach from the start. For someone who was a failure in his only season with the Dolphins before the Jets hired him for the same position, he has not done anything positive with this franchise. That includes the development of 23-year old Sam Darnold, who was drafted in the first round three years ago with the hope of turning around the team as a franchise quarterback. You can easily make the point that Darnold has nothing to work with and is taking a beating every week. He has also sabotaged Le'Veon Bell from the moment he arrived as a free agent last season and he also made it easy for the team to trade away safety Jamal Adams. It is the responsibility of the head coach to win games, develop talent, and keep a positive locker room. Gase has done none of the above.

Denver Broncos v New York Jets
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I want to see Gase fired as head coach of the New York Jets. In fact, it would have been done at some point last season, had the Jets not won six of their last eight games to close 2019. So, I am rooting against my favorite team and want to see them lose every game until they fire Gase. The good news is I might not have to root that hard against them since there does not seem to be a winnable game for the Jets over the next five weeks. It is likely the Jets will be winless through their first nine games. Does this go against the code of being a sports fan?

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