Sam Darnold

Highlights and Low Points of the NFL Draft First Round
Thursday's draft was a spectacle that nobody quite expected to unfold the way it did. From five quarterbacks taken in the first, to six lineman taken, to some crazy trades, the first round of the draft lived up to all the hype and more.
The gambling Cleveland Browns 
It came to many as a sho…
Final Notes for the 2018 NFL Draft
I just can’t remain silent about my final thoughts for this year’s 2018 NFL draft.
In just hours, each NFL team will hope to get that much better with the start of the draft. And I can’t remember a draft as storied as today in my 21 years on this plane…
Saquon Barkely Should be the Number One Overall Draft Pick
The Cleveland Browns, who without question have been the worst team in the NFL and arguably in all of professional sports for quite some time now, are in an intriguing situation for Thursday's NFL draft with the first and fourth picks.  As a matter of fact, what this team does with these f…