There is a large number of people that are upset that Northern Illinois is going to play Florida State in the BCS Orange Bowl.

Tickets for the game are now on StubHub for as low as $2.95 and the University is offering free tickets (face value from $75-$225) to any student that will make the trip to Miami for the January 1 game.

How fast people forget the Boise St. team that was supposed to get thrashed by Oklahoma in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl and ended up providing one of the greatest bowl games in the history of college football.

So why not NIU?

Why can't a college from the MAC compete with the "big boys"? What, a small school is not good for business? Just because they only average 15,000 fans a game, they shouldn't be in a BCS game? Just because they play on Tuesday's and not Saturday's, they aren't good enough?

Guess what day January 1, 2013 falls on? A Tuesday.

In case you forgot that fantastic Fiesta Bowl, see below.

(Courtesy of YouTube)