Our Crush of the Day is Emmy red carpet stunner Serinda Swan. She can make any man do a double take, but, it’s her feet that seem to get much of the attention. Check out these Google search results.

The second most popular Serinda Swan search involves her feet. People are incredibly interested in what’s going on in Serinda’s bobo shoes. We’re at a loss. Look at that gorgeous piece of Canadian bacon. There are about a thousand other parts of her body more attractive than her dogs. Is there something we are missing about the tootsies of this Lindsey Lohan/Megan Fox hybrid? (Does that make her a Mohan or a Lox?) Do her digits cure cancer? Does she have more than the required number of toes to be deemed uber-attractive? Is there a required number of toes on a hot chick? If Serinda had, for argument’s sake, only 6 toes does that make her less attractive? We’re not sure but there is one thing we are positive about: she’s a Mohan. It just sounds better.

For those fans without a foot fetish, Serinda’s entire body can be seen on the A&E show ‘Breakout Kings’ and in the forthcoming supernatural thriller ‘Jinn.’ If the acting career doesn’t work out, there is always foot modeling.

The show she was most suited for would probably have been ‘Six Feet Under.’ Guess she’ll have to wait for the eventual reboot. We’ve got a million foot jokes people, it all depends on how much time you’ve got.