Back in August, Glenn wrote an article about David Wood, El Paso's Desert Killer, still awaiting execution. CLICK HERE to check out Glenn's article.

Most people remember Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, but David Wood was active in El Paso. It's not known how many girls/women David Wood actually killed, but here are the details of the story that we do know. WARNING, the details aren't for kids.

There was a woman who had an encounter with Wood that led to his capture. She said that she was at a convenience store in northeast El Paso when she approached by a man, identified as Wood, who asked her if she needed a ride home. She said yes and got in his truck. But Wood didn't take her home. They ended up at an apartment complex, where Wood ran inside and came out with rope hanging out of his pocket. Wood then proceeded to drive around, eventually stopping and ordering the woman out of the vehicle. She saw him get out of the back of the truck a "brownish red" blanket and a shovel. He took the shovel and started digging a hole behind a bush, then started ripping the woman's clothes before hearing what he believed to be voices. He promptly grabbed all of his things and ordered the girl back into the truck.

He drove around to a new location, ordered her out of the truck, placed the blanket on the ground, tied her to a bush, gagged her, and then raped her. Wood stated that he heard voices again, so he quickly gathered his things and left, leaving the woman naked in the desert.

The woman reached out to the police about a month and a half later and led them to both places. The first one where Wood had been digging, and the second where he left her. The first location was where the bodies of 6 girls/women were found. Eventually Wood was arrested for the rape of the woman, and while in prison, he confessed about killing the others to his cell mates. Multiple other woman have come forward with stories of Wood luring them into his truck and then raping them.

Since then, it's been a long and winding road in the legal system for David Wood as it is now more than 30 years later and he is still waiting for his sentence of death to be carried out.

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