Welcome to another edition of Deep Dish Sports with the Iceman Brandon Cohn.

Today's show includes a discussion with former UTEP and NMSU assistant basketball coach Rus Bradburd about how the Miners are doing thus far this season.

We discuss his tenure as the Miners assistant coach in the 80's, including the story of how he recruited Tim Hardaway.  Rus also talks about what it was like to work with Don Haskins and Lou Henson.

Rus talks about his new book, "Make It Take It," and we discuss the NFL as well.

My special thanks to Former UTEP, and NMSU assistant coach Rus Bradburd for joining me on today's show.  Rus is also an author of 3 books, and an Assistant professor of English at NMSU.  If you would like to contact Rus you can email him at either Coachrus@hotmail.com, or Rusbradburd.com.

If you would like to contact the Iceman you can email me at, bcohn@krod.com, follow me on Twitter @buddies1023, or friend me on Facebook at Brandon Cohn.  Don't forget to listen to the Iceman on Crunchtime every Saturday from 10-1pm on 600 ESPN El Paso.

"Well I learned a lot more from Tim Hardaway than he ever learned from me, I was lucky enough to stumble on Tim Hardaway just on chance."

"What always interested me most about basketball is that it was this window on African American culture, that is one of the things that Make It Take It the book really examines.  The idea of being an outsider in any world is a great place for a writer to be."