Rosa Acosta is a model, actress and has been romantically linked to something called a “Rob Kardashian.” Is that the guy married to Lamar Odom? Rosa is our crush today because she has two of our favorite attributes in a female: good looks and flexibility. It’s rare to find both. Sure, there are a ton of gorgeous women in the world, but can they do this?


Go ahead, watch it again. We’re ready to replay it for the 75th time today. It never gets old. We don’t even watch the whole video. We just fast forward to 3:22 and hit pause. It’s also a great workout video. It has our blood flowing and head sweating just watching it. We’d never actually try any of those stretches. That would be absurd.

So what makes Rosa so flexible? She was a member, and the youngest soloist, in the Dominican National Ballet. She also might just be a freak of nature born to torture men both with her looks and eventually her legs, which she will use to choke us all out, and then rule the Earth. Not a bad way to die. Let’s just hope it’s a slow death.