If you happened to watch last night's college basketball game between Colorado State and Boise State, you witnessed one of the strangest moments in recent memory. It appeared that Boise State had won the game on a last second buzzer beater in overtime by James Webb III. However, the officiating crew, led by veteran David Hall, huddled together and proceeded to spend the next five minutes to review the video. Hall and his crew determined that the clock did not start at the precise moment and therefore, the shot by Webb III actually took longer than the 0.8 seconds on the game clock. The basket was disallowed and the game went into double overtime. Here is the shot again in super slow-mo.

The officials used a stopwatch to time the play and determined that it was closer to 1.2 or 1.3 seconds. Instead of Boise State winning the game, it went to a second overtime where Colorado State escaped with a 97-93 win. After the game, Hall issued this statement on his controversial overtime reversal.

The strangest thing about the officials questioning the clock starting on time is whether or not they were actually responsible for it. Each of the three officials carry a Precision Time battery pack on their belt that starts and stops the clock. Their whistles are also synced with the battery pack and the clock. The official clock operator at the scorer's table is actually a back-up in case the referee's battery packs malfunction during the game. If the clock started late, it would be the fault of the officials and not the clock operator. Regardless, the play seemed to beat the clock and Boise State was robbed of a win.

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