In real life, Rebecca Grant has appeared on ‘NFL Under the Helmet’ and ‘Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors.’ In the online world, Rebecca was the inspiration for the character Katarina in the video game Dungeon Siege III. Rebecca is our crush today for being a tasty looking treat not only in this world, but in the world of video game babes.

The fact that video game chicks are modeled after living, breathing women is hard to wrap our heads around. Princess Peach Toadstool. Pauline from Donkey Kong. Miss Pac-Man. Q*bert. Q*bert was a chick right? Anyway, is it possible those women of original gaming have real life inspirations? Let’s hope it’s true because it would make the wet dreams of our youth a lot less creepy.

Rebecca is also our crush for her love of football. There is nothing sexier than a gorgeous woman that is willing to lounge on a couch and get ignored for at least 8 hours on an NFL Sunday. Maybe with a little less clothing we’d give her some undivided attention. Maybe just a jersey and no bra? That looks so OH MAN YOU’VE GOT TO CHALLENGE THAT PLAY HE WAS OUT OF BOUNDS!

What were we saying? Oh right, Q*Bert.