Who's ready for Round 3?!

We now have our final 4 teams that have moved up to the NBA Conference Finals. The Miami Heat (my boys!!) played their final game against the Chicago Bulls Wednesday the 15th and won 94-91. Right after, the Memphis Grizzlies played against Oklahoma City Thunder and won 88-84. Making the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies the first 2 teams to move on!

Thursday, May 16th The San Antonio Spurs played with Golden State Warriors and sent them home 94-82. Finally, Friday the 17th, the Indiana Pacers took charge and finished off the New York Knicks 106-99.


Game 1 - Round 3 will be the Memphis Grizzlies against the San Antonio Spurs today at 1:30 PM, so make sure you don't miss out. Wednesday will be Game 1 - Round 3 for the Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers at 6:30 PM. Definitely not gonna miss that!!

This is it, the two teams that win this series (4 games) will head over to the 2013 NBA Finals!! So now that we have reached this point so far (and at last) what teams would you like to make it to the Finals?

How intense!!!