We all know that throughout any sports career the only undefeated element is Father Time (or Rocky Marciano). Ray Allen, 41, has decided to retire from the NBA for good in his most recent article on The Players' Tribune. Just about a couple of years removed from his final game as an active NBA player, it is official.

Jesus Shuttlesworth, Ray-Ray, Sugar, aka Ray Allen left behind a great legacy and many would say that he is in fact the Greatest Shooter of All-Time. The goodbye letter is actually one of the more heart-felt passages that have been posted on The Players' Tribune regarding retirement. He mentions to his 13 year old self that it is not going to be easy as a military child who moves around a lot, he won't fit in, he'll meet a man named Jim Calhoun and to, "...not get on this man’s shit list.".

Check out Ray Allen making his debut battle against another Allen who recently joined the Hall of Fame.

Throughout his journey he found moments to keep on discussing the work that is needed in order to achieve greatness on the court but to not get wrapped up into a basketball only world. It is possible to be a great player but being a great person is equally as important. Near the end, Ray really hits the nail on the head regarding being a great person by telling his 13 year old self, "The hell you experience when you get off that bus will be temporary. Basketball will take you far away from that school yard. You will become far more than just a basketball player. You’ll get to act in movies. You’ll travel the world. You will become a husband, and the father of five amazing children."

Jesus leaves the NBA as the leagues current all-time three pointers made leader with 2,973 having gone through the net. From Hillcrest High in Dalzell, SC to Miami where he finished his career, Allen left it all on the court.

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