The market for sports collectibles pretty much collapsed about 15 years ago which is why all the sports cards you bought when you were a kid are sitting in a box in your parents’ basement. If you wait about 100 years those cards might be worth something again.

A Michigan family cleaning out an old farmhouse after a family death uncovered a notebook full of football and boxing cards.  They almost threw them all away, however, after doing some research they realized they had in their possession a rare card of former Harvard University football star John Dunlop.

The card was issued by the Mayo Tobacco Works of Richmond, Virginia in 1894. The series is considered the rarest football-only card set ever produced. So how much does such a find go for? Ten thousand dollars according to Lou Brown, President of Legends Sports & Games in Kentwood, Michigan. The family brought the card into Brown to get his opinion.

A nice haul, sure but really not that impressive for what Brown called “The Holy Grail of football cards.”

Jesus on his high school football team. Now THAT is the holy grail of football cards. That dude could really throw a ‘Hail Mary.’

[via Fox 17]