Instead of making El Paso more “green,” I think we need to make it more blue…Dodgers blue. Though I see Dodgers caps more often than other teams, the amount of fans representing the team’s colors could use a boost. Part of the solution to increasing sightings is as simple as availability and thanks to the internet you can order just about anything no matter where you live. Every single piece of Dodgers clothing is available on line.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to try things on here are some places to buy Dodgers gear around the Sun City. Fanzz in Cielo Vista™ Mall on the east side and Sunland Park Mall on the west side have a lot of Dodgers hats, t-shirts, and jerseys. Lidds, in those same 2 malls, has a great selection of Dodgers caps. Various Champs have Dodgers items also, but the selection varies from store to store. Sports Authority and Academy are two good choices for the standard cap or jersey search. Also don’t forget to stop in any of the shops along El Paso Street that carry sports clothing, although its’ buyer beware. Most items you’ll find there are officially licensed merchandise, but some are very close copies created right there on site.

Growing our Dodgers fan base isn’t just about wearing blue. Sure you can play an amazing video game simulation of a major league game and even be your favorite player current or historic, but there’s nothing like the feel of a real ball. In an increasingly busy life with so much to gobble up our precious moments, nothing says bonding like having a little game of “catch” between father and son/daughter.

I also encourage parents to get kids into the game through the magic of Baseball cards. Those colorful little pieces of cardboard can contain enough magic to inspire the imagination, taking you through the window created on the card into the action at Dodgers Stadium itself. Sadly, though there are folks who set up at various hobby shows around town (and Las Cruces), there is only 1 remaining shop in El Paso and that’s J&M Sports Cards, at 1226 McRae Boulevard on the east side just off I10. You might be happy to know there is already discussion to increase the presence of sports cards and memorabilia at next year’s ESPN Sports Expo, but that’s a ways off, so don’t wait to add to your collection.

This inspires me to start working on my next blog…a nostalgic nod to my all time favorite Dodgers baseball cards.

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