We all know where the biggest fights happen in El Paso like Chico's Tacos, Whataburger and Cinci- preferrably after 2 A.M., now we can add Food King to the list. It was the royal beatdown  in the kingdom of food seen all across the borderland as surveillance footage of two women attacking a Food Employee went viral. Crime Stoppers of El Paso released the footage and asked the community for their help.

On the Chico's Meter, I give this fight two singles. The women, of course, were roasted on social media and it resulted in the two women voluntarily turning themselves in for questioning.

According to Crime Stoppers, both women are from Las Cruces and have not been charged with a crime, but the investigation continues. Which leads me to my own investigation and my own questions. Am I the only one who has so many questions?!

  • What was the item the employee asked about?
  • Why did no one call the cops at that moment?
  • Why did the older woman take awhile to start the beatdown?
  • What did the younger woman yell out at the end?
  • Why does the surveillance look like it was recorded on a potato from 1998?
  • Did they not want to pay cost plus food?
  • Are they related to THE Food King?
  • Were they expecting the royal treatment?
  • Is this all part of the Royal Family agenda?
  • Where are Meghan and Harry when you need them?
  • Who is the Food Queen? Where was she at?
  • Do they realize all the cross contamination they've done by wearing those gloves?
  • Who can I contact to get answers to these questions?
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