Lisa Horne has spent much of the last 10 years blogging and writing for FOX Sports, and her specialty is college football. Since she lives in Southern California, there was nobody better to join 600 ESPN El Paso and discuss the bizarre incident involving USC head football coach Steve Sarkisian.

On Saturday night, Sarkisian attended a private event with his team, former USC players, boosters, and other dignitaries. The head coach appeared to be drunk when he addressed the crowd of approximately 2,500 people and uttered a few expletives before he was removed from the podium. Yesterday, Sarkisian addressed the media and explained that prescription drugs mixed with alcohol was responsible for his unacceptable behavior last weekend. Horne, who now operates the website, told us that as long as USC wins the PAC-12 title, #SarkAfterDark will go away.

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